Access to the Polish Stock Market (WIG, WIG20 & WIG30)

Hello Trading 212 team.

I have been looking into this market recently and think it has a lot of potential to grow over the next 30 years into a powerhouse of Eastern Europe and has been growing substantially for over 20 years and was never effected by the 2008 Crisis.

Would it be at all possible to add this Market to your future plans of expanding your Stocks? I hope IBRK has this market for you to tap into.

Many thanks.


I would also be interested :smiley: .

I believe IBKR do have access, so hopefully T212 can add it.
Nonetheless, I think T212 have other smaller markets in mind such as Vienna and Belgium to be the next additions. See David’s post below:

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That’s never going to happen because they always add new stock from IPOs as non-fractional and then convert them to fractional. That means full conversion will always be lagging unless they change criteria for when they add new markets or add new listings right away as fractionals.

I don’t mind non-Fractional Shares though.

Maybe it won’t happen but then I can safely go to another Broker that can do it otherwise.