Space exploration ETF

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest plans ‘ARKX’ space exploration ETF to tap the growing industry

What do you guys think about it. Do you have already some stocks in the space industry?

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I’d be interested to see the ETF’s eventual make-up. That said, I’d rather pick one company in the sector after some thorough research than hold an ETF. As an aside, I thought this article about short interest in Ark ETFs was interesting…

As usual you can not get ARK Invest ETF from Trading 212 due the reason that have been discussed many times in other threads. So presumably we will not be able to buy ARKX.

It springs to mind the following the Space related stocks that have been discussed here


So these stocks might see an instant boost due to highly possible inclusion to this index. I already have all of them. I also would like to know if thre is other stocks that will be effected so to prepare for it.

And because of @Joey_Fantana relentless pushing of T212 to add new stock/SPACs… all those mentioned above are already on T212 :clinking_glasses:


Another addition from Benzinga $MAXR $UFO

Maxar had a nice after hours rise yesterday along with SPCE on the back of this news

I think people are still waiting until this ARKX ETF has been actually formed. Also defenitive list of the stocks those will be included in ARKX ETF has not been specified. Just be aware, I got information that MAXR did an accounting fraud in the past. So do your own DD before investing.