Ex-Dividend dates feature request

It would be great to see the Ex-Dividend date as a feature, probably underneath Dividend yield line.


I love the way the app Stock Events does it. Based on position you get to see when ex-dividend is and when pay date and a prediction of the amount is paid:


I love stock events but I got a free subscription to doc tracker so I get unlimited stocks on there now and it’s actually really great!

Never heard of doc tracker. Link?

Div * tracker

Won a competition on YouTube and got a full lifetime Subscription. Actually gives you a lot of data

Tried Stock Events for 30 seconds… no UK
Stocks, right?

I therefore assume (after 30 seconds… hardly thorough!) that this is just leveraging IEX data and the new IEX event trigger API

UK stocks are available. I can also search for Dutch stocks.

Stock Investment Analysis?

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Yeah it was :slight_smile:

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I can find UK stocks as ADRs or as US OTCs but not the actual LSE listing :face_with_monocle:

That is weird. I have ITM Power in my watchlist. Other stocks also show up. If I search for “bae” I get:

This is what you mean right?

ADR and OTC not the LSE … you can tell by the ticker syntax

LSE would be BA or BA.

Would be a really nice feature to have to track all the dividend dates. Any idea if the feature is being implemented? Who should we tag to get this going?

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Great, look forward to seeing the update.