Excel export with live / up-to-date data

  • To be able to export Excel files which have data that refreshes automatically

  • FX columns that show—just like on the app—up-to-date the FX impact for each investment. (FX impact in Currency & Percentage)

Oh even better!!!

  • What if you had a page where you can “create” your own layout. For example, one would be able to select what they’d want to see on the excel sheet. You’d already have all the different data columns set up, it would just be a case of letting people pick and choose exactly what they’re interesting in tracking. A simple list of the types of data that one can tick to add, and also to be able to order them would suffice. Before/after choosing what you want exported, you could also save the layout, so next time you can export your very own custom layout again. So maybe a few general/default templaces, and then the ability to “create”/“add” your own.