Excel Portfolio Tracker

Hey everyone,

I have created a Portfolio/Investment Tracker in Excel and thought I would share it here.

Before explaining everything, I should mention a couple of things first:

  • It requires a premium subscription to Microsoft Office 365. (There are ways to get it for free, such as if you are a student)
  • Due to the fact that many months and long hours were put into learning Excel and creating this workbook, I’ve listed it on Etsy for a reasonable amount and that is why it’s not for free.

With that said, let me explain everything.

P.s If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. :slight_smile:

How it works

  1. Portfolio’s Currency is selected
  2. History is inputted either with a CSV file (T212 format works) or manually
  3. Each investment’s information is specified (Asset Class, Region, Sector, etc.)
  4. All data are then calculated automatically based on the above information.

Supported Investments

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bonds
  • ETFs
  • REITs

Supported Currencies
(For all Portfolio and Individual Investments)

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • AUD
  • NZD
  • GBX (Only for Individual Investments)

17 Tabs/Sheets
(almost all w/Automatic calculations)

Main Features - Video



  • Total Portfolio Info (Value, Cash, Forecasted Growth etc.)
  • Info for each holding (Allocation, Value, Quantity, Price, Total Return, Invested Amount etc.)

► Desired Portfolio
The portfolio allocation you would like to have

Use Pies to bundle investments (e.g. all ETFs in a Pie)


► Tickers Info (Manual Input)

►Crypto Portfolio

  • Holdings Value, Total Return, Forecasted Growth
  • All current crypto holdings and their Info (Value, Quantity, Price, Total Return, Market Cap, Supply etc.)
  • Market Data of the Top 10 Cryptos (by Market Cap)
  • Compare Cryptos

►Transactions/Trades/Dividends History


  • Returns Data for Portfolio and Holdings:
  • Capital, Currency, and Dividend Gain
  • CAGR
  • Annual Return for current year
  • Benchmark Tracking through Chart
  • Returns per Category (Sectors, Asset Classes, etc.)


  • Expected Dividends by Month
  • Upcoming Payments for this month and next 12 months
  • Dividend Data for Portfolio and Holdings:
  • Yield
  • Yield on Cost
  • Dividends Received etc.


  • Future Portfolio Value
  • Years to Reach Goal
  • Annual Return to Reach Goal
  • Amount Invested to live off Dividends
  • CAGR
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Live Currency Converter



►Annual Reports - PDF Example


►Customization and Info



Looks good, but did you not already post this the other day?

It will get confusing to gather feedback if you post on multiple threads.

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Thank you for your comment, and yes, you are right regarding the feedback.

I did post this on multiple threads, where either the main topic or the discussion was regarding tools to track a Portfolio, as I believed people within would find this helpful. However, after mentioning it in different threads, I created this post in order to explain this tool further in detail and provide all the information here. :slight_smile:

How about updates and fixes, how do you provide these?

Hey Ron, thank you for your comment.

  • All the feedback provided by the users, either this is regarding some issue with the workbook or requests for new features, is being noted, and new versions are created.

  • Once the new version is tested and working properly, it is then sent to all the users through email.

The email address where the user wishes to receive the updated versions is provided during the purchase:

I believe it can be a nice tracker. There is any way we can try a few days?

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Currently, there is no option available for a trial period, as this is a digital download.

Although, as it would be a good option to have before the purchase, I may create a free trial version in the future (the same workbook with only some of the features).

If a trial version is created, I can let you know if you want. :slight_smile: