Excel Pro's? Live Share Price

Hi All,
This post is probably better suited elsewhere MS Excel forums or such, but thought I’d try here anyway.

Does anyone know how I can incorporate a VLOOKUP and the Live Share Price value of a ticker? with the spreadsheet I have designed selecting the cells and using the incorporated Stock option in Excel isn’t feasible and also I am trying to lookup the value from a pivot table making it harder also.

Any help appreciated.


Its difficult without having a data sample, but rather than doing a VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP, you can use INDEX and MATCH to do a lookup on both rows and columns at the same time.

Thanks for the reply. Although I can INDEX/MATCH unfortunately the Stock function in Excel doesn’t let you convert a cell with a formula in it. So I am wondering how I can combine a share price lookup with a cell lookup.

I had to go Index/Match in the end when failing to perform this task as vlookup only looks right and not left of a table. Grabbing the live share price from a cell which is doing the lookup and not raw data seems to be the main issue I am having.

Again thanks for the reply and any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

It should work as I do the same previously when I used excel to track stocks, but now I use Sheets, as I can get it to email me notifications.

Have a look at this, does this do similar to what you are looking for?

When I try use the Stocks function on a cell thats pulling info using a pivot table or lookup I get this error:

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 12.36.12

You’re link to use the Google Sheets portfolio is appreciated but a little beyond my means, also my personal Excel spreadsheet for my personal finances I have been updating for years and it interconnects with a lot of other stuff so would prefer to remain using Excel.

Just struggling to pull the live share prices to calculate my live Portfolio value.

Check IEX Cloud. Don’t know if it is real-time, but they have a free plan to start with. They also have an Excel extension.

Hi, if you are using the latest version of excel you can use Xlookup