Exchange Rate Used to Calculate Results


I recently started investing money with T212 in an invest account. Bought a couple of ETFs among which the Vanguard S&P 500 (VUAA).
Trying to understand how T212 calculates the result.

The instrument is in USD. I bought a quantity of 1.9 at a price of $60.71053, and the price at the end of today was $61.509 as shown in the print-screen above. Now, the profit from this movement should be (61.509-60.71053)*1.9 = $1.517093. That’s dollars. Yet, the result in euros to the right shows 0.58 Eur. Is that correct?

If yes, can somebody please explain to me how $1.517093 converts to 0.58 Eur? That’s a EUR/USD exchange rate of 2.61567, and I don’t remember the euro being so strong recently. :slight_smile:

I am new so I am very open to the possibility that I’m missing something here. Would appreciate any help with reading this correctly.

You need to take into consideration the exchange rate when you bought. If you click on history on it’ll show the dates and how many euros it cost you to buy.

Doing current bid minus your avg times shares would only work on euro shares in your case where there’s no FX involved.

Here’s what you see on mobile, this is the impact between £ to dollar just the other day.

So this was the exchange rate at the time.

And the pound has strengthened against the dollar since.

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ok, I think I got it now.
(1.9*$61.509 = $116.8671)/98.62 eur = 1.18502, which sounds about right.
Thanks for the sanity check. :slight_smile:

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