Exchange rates :(

They really suck :joy: not T212 fault. Luckily this was just on practice account and not my actual invest account.

I didn’t notice they now split out the performance return. That’s pretty cool (feature wise) not the loss.

Hopefully will reduce the number of questions ‘Why am I losing money when the green line is above the dotted line?’

Yeah, new feature added just the other day, specifically to counter those questions.

You can take this as a signal that a stronger pound is making is cheaper for you to buy US shares. You can compute the average exchange rate at which you bought from 3183.28/2503.40=1.2716. Today the rate is 1.3129.

For sure, good time for buying! I was just trying out an alternate strategy using the practice account, just wish I had that much in my regular account as I’ve made an easy £3k+ since trying out the strategy

It’s not always a bad thing :joy:

Actually is it possible to have a second trade212 account in euros as I move between Italy and the UK a lot currently i just use fee free cards to pay for stuff in Europe but it would be nice to start building some euro assets

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It’s an L for me. :sob: :sob:

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Holy - clear your notifications man :joy:


Currently not possible, I’m not sure if they are working on it. Others may know if it’s something that has been mentioned to be in the works

How do you get this? Mine has not updated does it not work for Pie Stocks?

I hadnt noticed it till this thread. It’s onlythere for a stock that’s not in your native currency.

Ie a gbx USA etf doesnt have it but a usd etf does

iOS doesn’t have it yet


No wonder why I couldn’t see it. Very nice that they added this!

Is this just for beta users? I don’t seem to have it.

I’ve got it here! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Only spotted it today, so wondering if the Android Update dropped sooner than iOS, or maybe something else? :man_shrugging:

Do you think buying the currencies to defend the exchange could be useful?

That’s the case… iOS comes soon… because iPhone users are already rich and don’t mind this :clown_face:


Usually I see that iOS apps are getting updated sooner so I am surprinsed (and happy) that finally there is some Android love there. :smiley:

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T212 probably about to get pulled from the Appstore as Apple probably want 30% of all the trade transactions as it’s an ‘In app purchase’. :rofl:


Is this from the day of purchase? I am £5,24 down on 1 share/£94.41 of IBM but only £1.84 down on 5 shares/£143.33 of hannon armstrong