Execution delays

Orders not executing

I submitted a couple of limit orders this morning at prices which I thought the orders should immediately execute. The orders didn’t execute so I went to two broker accounts that I have and the order prices were above the current buy price. I use limit orders simply to cap the execution price to avoid the rise of orders being executed at significantly more than the price displayed. Anyway I decided to submit a tiny market order just to find out what price T212 was executing orders at for the company (which is a £200million market cap company so hardly tiny). After 20 minutes the market order hasn’t executed!!

What’s happening? Why do orders sometimes just sit there without executing even when the market price should allow them to execute - don’t say liquidity I could I got quotes via the brokers at below the market buy price for significantly quantity of stock

If it’s stock trading on the LSE, the service may be SETSqx, where orders are executed at specific times during the trading session. Sometimes it might take even days for such orders to be filled.

Still, send me a DM with the name of the instrument, and I’ll have a look.