Order execute TIME DELAY

Why is it taking so long to execute orders. i order at one price then buy the time the order is executed the price has gone up. 3 orders in 3 days, sometimes up to 15 mins. Then it wasnt worth buying. these have been on the uk market and US.

Could you give a couple of examples of what you’re buying?

i’ve been whining about this too. i don’t think anyone has broken my record yet. was buying Wayfair into a pie and the execution time was 40mins! try beating that lol

Two days trying to withdraw a pie slice.
hold my beer :beer:

no no, i’m gonna hold you out on a technicality there. pies being stuck don’t translate to orders being submitted. mine was the time difference between an order submitted and executed. gimme back my beer! lol

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Yes thats what happens to me,Order to execution. Then the price comes through higher than you want to pay for the shares.

Without knowing what stock you are talking about we can only guess that there was low liquidity for that stock ie lack of people selling at a price.

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Just ignores us so they can continue the circlejerk.

Possibly, Aston martin, and Novan

saving my backside here :stuck_out_tongue:

I got bored and cancelled after just one day trying to sell a low liquidity aim stock :joy: guess I’ll hold until it turns into someone’s pump and dump.