Existing Portfolio & Auto Pie

Guys, I am relatively new to Trading 212. I have moved 11 holdings into my auto invest pie, but what happens to my initial investment portfolio?

the initial portfolio is a value of everything you hold in the account, so it won’t change just because you have put the holdings into a pie.

it gives you an understanding of where all your positions currently sit, while you can then view the pies individually for a managed view.

if you want to sell any of your holdings however you will have to first take them out of the pie to do so, unless you opt to rebalance all the shares in a given pie which you can do without changing the slices.

Might want to read this

Dao, thanks, that’s all i needed clarifying. I like the fact that ithis auto invest pie is very flexible, allowing me to, opt out to a manual status.

pies are a nice convenient feature for those who want to be able to do the bulk of their work once, set and forget their account until it comes time to review their performance. being easy to manage and enter/leave is important for the user experience :+1:

it’s also slowly improving other time so you will be able to do things later you can’t currently with the pies.