Stock sold and one wont sell

Hi, I’m getting annoyed now one of my
Stocks sold for no reason I bought it yday it said I bought it today but then sold it and didn’t give my money??? Says I have 0.00 free funds


@David hellllloo???

@revelcsi1iicidem :eyes:

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@revelcsi1iicidem The sell order was placed in order to protect you from going in to negative balance.

Due to extreme market movement, you managed to purchase shares worth more than the free funds you had at the time.

You received the following notification " SELL XXXX This order was placed to protect you from negative balance."

What I placed this order yesterday? It filled yesterday I had 2 Graf stocks today it said to me bought it then sold it. What do you mean it stopped me from going negative ??? So basically your saying that this is correct and I won’t get no free funds ??? Are you joking me

So ALLL yesterday why in my portfolio did I have 2 graf stocks ??? I know this as it’s like 0.69p down yday was 1.50 down??


  1. The second quantity of Graf got filled today at 14:31:05 UK time. 45 seconds later it got sold.
  2. No funds are missing. Your deposits + trading result so far equal your total cash.

So why yesterday did it say I had 2 graf stocks there was no pending orders there was no messages saying anything like that and I was 1.50 down??? This is actually a joke I’m taking this further, I’m not stupid. How can you buy more than you have it doesn’t even let you buy more than 95% nevermind over 100%

So today when uk market was open i was buying and selling as normal. I had 2 Graf stocks it was 1.50 down, I had no pending orders, that is an actual joke how can you buy more than your balance that’s impossible regardless of market turbulence I’m escalating this

New best reply ever.

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