Tax reporting - no detailed attachment about the received dividends

Hey guys.
I’ve got a Tax Statement for 2020 where it’s specified the following:

Dividend overview
| Account ID | Account type | Currency | Net dividend * |
| xxx | INVEST | EUR | xxx.xx |

  • Dividend received after deduction of withholding tax.

However, there are no any details like
a. which stocks brought dividends?
b. when stocks brought dividends?
c. (most important) what’s the deduction of withholding tax?

My tax advisor has requested the information what the tax was withhold, how much exactly and according to low of which country. Depending on this information, I need to know whether I should not pay tax in my country or I should pay the difference if applicable.

Thank you!

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Only you know what stocks you bought and held. you can check those stocks over google to see who pays dividends, how much was paid and how much you received to work out the difference. For tax purposes the officials want to know how much you “recieved” and how much tax was already paid (withheld).

the deduction of withholding tax is automatic for US stocks and the rate is determined by your countries taxation treaty with the US. Your tax advisor should know this…

Did you download csv file and import data in excel?

Oh, I see it now after importing dividend data to Excel.
In a column “Price / share”, the value is 15% less than the company declared (in my case $0.43, while $0.51 was declared). And there is a column “Withholding tax”.
Thank you Darko.

No problem. Just one small suggestion for t212, although it is not so important because we can divide the gross amount with the net amount or with withholding tax. My suggestion is to add the column “withholding tax %”.