Faurecia Shares after FCA-PSA merger?

I’ve got some FCA shares.
With the merger of fca and psa, the new group Stellantis will distribute to his shareholders some Faurecia shares.
Will Trading 212 give me those shares?
Thank you

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This question still stands, both FCA and PSA shares are not tradeable any more.

PSA [ug] became FCA shares and FCA changed its name to stellantis according to this site:

Over the weekend, PSA shares were exchanged into new FCA shares. All FCA shares were then renamed as Stellantis.

I’ve also requested Stellantis to be added Stellantis (Formerly known as Peugeot [UG] and Fiat Crysler [FCA])

Looks like FCA has converted to Stellantis but it would be good to know whether my PSA shares will automatically be converted.


The holders of FCA shares now have shares of Stellantis. Peugeot SA has been suspended for trading. The clients holding Peugeot SA shares will receive the monetary value of the Stellantis shares corresponding to their exposure to Peugeot SA.

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I was talking about this


“ The cash proceeds from this contemplated disposal are expected to be distributed to the Stellantis shareholders along with the distribution in kind of the remaining stake in Faurecia, as already announced on 14th September 2020, promptly after the completion of the merger and subject to approval by the Stellantis Board and shareholders.”

Is trading 212 going to give me Faurecia shares?

Why will the PSA shareholders not be getting Stellantis shares (1.742 STLA per 1 UG), rather they will be given the monetary value by Trading212?

At the present moment, we are limited by the specifics of our system. We are working on a feature that has been discussed in another thread. It will help us reflect such events in the future more accurately. Unfortunately, it is not ready yet.

Thanks for your reply. It’s sad to see Trading212 has not yet implemented a fundamental functionality to their system.

What is the date and the particular time on which the conversion will take place?

How will the forex conversions between Euro, Dollar and Pound will be done during this process?

And what price will be used for the calculation? last trading price before Stellantis or opening day or current trading price?

The 1.742 STLA per 1 UG seems fair priced as long as it’s not closing price of Friday before Stellantis.

Stellantis is now on the platform in $ while PSA was in € and the euronext registration is still in euro’s. I really prefer the euro stock.

I don’t think it would be legal to use any prior trading price for the conversion because we are still holding our shares and we have right to get equivalent Stellantis shares instead of cash value. Because of some technical incapabilities of Trading212, they cannot provide us with the actual shares without converting them into cash, in this way we also have to pay them the forex fees, spread etc.

At this point, as a GBP account holder (ISA), I would really like to know whether the conversion will be done like:

(1) First, EUR to GBP, then, GPB to USD, and finally, USD to the GPB account
(2)First, EUR to USD (UG to STLA), then US to the GPB account

I also would like to know which date and time this will be processed.

My UG has been sold on the jan 20th, for €24.051 ea. what looks like a fail price.
But there were no details what so ever, not even a notification with a heads-up.

@David shouldn’t you (T212) at least inform the users who had these shares?