Favourites in Mobile Investments view

With the advent of Pies - the Investments view on mobile can quickly get out of control, especially if your emulating ETFs via pies.

It would be great to have a “favourites” view that sits above/overlays your investments to avoid that loooooong scroll on mobile.

I know you could use a watchlist to do this, but that’s not as convenient as having your investments organised in one place.

Hope the devs can think about this.
@Tony.V :+1:t3:


I love your profile pic
Sadly I’m old enough to know who that is
I had his rubber keyed 48k computer … it’s where I first started programming as an 8 year old…


We are definitely the same era friend - I still have a couple of Zx’s lying around mostly for nostalgia - the rubber key spectrum and the ‘+’ version with “proper” keys haha. With an SD Card tape drive emulator it’s convenient to store and loads ROMs etc these days. Also some C64s - might try and find Amiga or Atari for the collection. Sorry for off-topic mods :slight_smile:

I had 48k rubber, then plus, then +3 with the stupid disk… then I too made the leap to Amiga…

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