Feature request: currency in search results

Very easy request :grimacing:

As per the example below, the last two results have the exact same name, and I have to open them to understand which one is in what currency (in this case - one in $, one in £).

This is the case for so many ETFs (and stocks), and I personally find it very frustrating.

Just adding a very tiny icon with the symbol of the currency for each result would be extremely helpful

Any chance this may be considered for future enhancements?

If you agree and would like to see this, comment and heart the post :grin:

And if you’re good with design stuff, feel free to show us a simple mockup of how you’d like it to look :wink:

Edit: obviously the name is not exactly the same, but “CYSE” vs “WCBR” doesn’t tell me much when I have to guess whether it’s :pound: or :dollar:


We appreciate the suggestion, @matteventu. I’ll pass it on for consideration and will keep you updated.