Feature request: Fully automatic AutoInvest for non-pie currencies (auto convert + partial amount)

Right now, AutoInvest can automatically invest funds to chosen pies, with those funds being taken from available funds or a payment card. User can choose how much to invest and how often.

This is nice, but I believe it only works for users who deposit in the currency that their pie is in. Users that deposit in other (albeit supported) currencies cannot use AutoInvest this way because:

  • problem 1: their deposit is held in the deposit currency and must be converted first
  • problem 2: after doing #1 manually, the deposit is already in pie-currency, but of dynamic amount, because of varying exchange rates.

An example using a pie with SXR8 (EUR) in it, AutoInvest set to 265 EUR and a monthly deposit of 6500 CZK:

  • example step 1: a few days before AutoInvest due date, 6500 CZK is auto deposited
  • example step 2: on AutoInvest due date, the AutoInvest fails, because there isn’t 265 EUR available
  • example step 3: even if I converted those CZK to EUR between #1 and #2, I’d have to change the AutoInvest amount each time to reflect the CZK/EUR rate.

Therefore I dare suggest implementing extensions to AutoInvest to:

  • feature request 1: add option for AutoInvest to auto-convert available funds (opt-in)
  • feature request 2: add option for AutoInvest to not insist on full amount, but settle for what’s available instead (opt-in, possibly limited to “at least 80 %” or similar).