Automated Multi-Currency Investing

Dear Trading212 Community,

In my investment strategy, I heavily rely on automated pie investing. However, I’ve noticed an inefficiency when it comes to currency management between manual and automated transactions. When I manually buy or sell stocks, I prefer to do so in the currency of the underlying asset. Yet, with automatic investing, the primary currency used is only EUR. This setup renders it somewhat ineffective to engage in transactions denominated in other currencies, as it necessitates currency conversion (e.g., from USD to EUR) to ensure sufficient capital for automated investments even though the account might already have the required currency for buying the desired equity.

I believe it would greatly enhance the platform’s functionality if automated investing could mirror the flexibility available in manual transactions. Specifically, it would be beneficial to introduce a feature that allows users to designate a portion of their account balance depending on their country currency for auto-investment, with the system automatically converting currencies as needed on the day of executing to the interbank exchange rate. For example, users could set a predetermined amount for auto-investing in EUR, specifying that in their pie auto invest strategy as it is nowadays. EUR are first used for investments in currencies matching the stock denomination. Any remaining equities denominated in USD or GBP could then be calculated based on the current exchange rate, enabling the system to utilise the corresponding amount of USD or GBP from the account holdings without actually exchanging the currencies, but simply reflect the total amount of it being the desired auto invest amount at the time. In cases where there are insufficient USD or GBP funds available, the system could seamlessly revert to utilising the primary currency of the account.

This proposed approach mirrors the functionality seen in platforms like Revolut, where different currency wallets are automatically used based on availability, with conversions occurring at the prevailing exchange rates.