Fertiliser stocks?


Can I have some recommendations for some good performing fertiliser stocks?

or are there any good ETF’s which cover this?

I have seen throughout the years its quite a profitable business so very interested.

Thank you!

I have a fair chunk of FMC. Getting hammered at the moment but I’m happy to continue to top up for the long term

“good” is subjective

but if you hack about a little using tools like stocklist.ai or tradingView and cross reference with what is available on Trading212 you’ll end up with US stocks like these:

SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro US8101861065
CF CF Industries US1252691001
BG Bunge CH1300646267
IPI Intrepid Potash US46121Y2019
NTR Nutrien CA67077M1086
SEED Origin Agritech VGG678282051
CMP Compass Minerals International US20451N1019
ANDE Andersons US0341641035
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