Few stocks and maybe some penny stocks?

Would love to see a ton of new stocks added.


And honestly would love to see more - below 5 euro stocks penny stocks

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stocks can still be a low price and not be penny stocks. mainly because penny stocks imply something on such a small scale that market cap and liquidity just aren’t high enough to be on a stock exchange and execution would be hard, both for entering and exiting.

I have a few companies in my watchlist that trade between £1.50 and £3 a share, even watching a company with shares at almost just half a US Dollar. these aren’t penny stocks because their market cap is rather large, the share price just happens to be low.

by nature, genuine penny stocks will not make it to a broker platform because they are just too small and risky as to be a viable “investment” option in the market at large.

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@Whiskie INO & MRNA are already available, now we’ve also added TRNX.
CHAD & PNNX are out of our current reach.

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Have you noticed how many pharmaceutical companies are pushed as penny stocks? There’s a reason they are so low. They are more of a day trade stock than any reliable growth.