Findings from the Oxford Vaccine Group

Tomorrow, findings from the Oxford Vaccine Group are expected to be published in the Lancet. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts.

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I’m not sure whether AZN will moon or tank. I’m not sure what direction to play this.

A lot of people are saying due to its market cap it can’t sky rocket, but all you have to do is look at Tesla. The market is completely irrational at the moment.

I may buy a few CFDs just on the off chance of good news, but I’m being cautious. Too many people are getting excited about this.

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Totally agree with you.

Well I bought 5 CFDs and made literally about 10 dollars and called it a day. High roller here.

Seems it didn’t jump up as anticipated despite them giving good news.

Tech stocks rose off the back of it though.

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We are unlikely to get a vaccine, its wishful thinking.

Username doesn’t check out.

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It’s not so unlikely that we will get a vaccine, the unlikely thing is getting a vaccine in a reasonable timeframe. Maybe we won’t even need it by the time it is developed which is why a lot of big pharma didn’t want to start developing one right away, as it’s expensive to develop and a waste of money and time if we no longer need it.

Its unlikely because we’ve never had a vaccine for a coronavirus and really wanting one doesnt mean it will happen. I hope Im wrong but better to plan for life without.

One thing that puzzles me in this vaccine story, let’s say it is possible to have vaccine ready by end of year, by ready I mean approved/certified.

So how do you distribute 7-8 billion doses? Will it be mandated? Will it be seasonal? Who was to take vaccine? Flu vaccine exists but who actually takes it? Vulnerable group?

So with all this ??? I am not sure how there can be positive reaction because nothing is clear at this point nor communicated…

Creating the vaccine is hardly the hardest part, the logistical issues @Vedran brings up are the real problems.

Before it was that no pharma company wanted to waste money making one, now there’s a bunch researching so the next issues become logistical. Who gets priority, how will it be distributed, and then even what is the advice surrounding it - do we need it at the point it’s available, do we need it every winter for vulnerable groups like flu vaccine, will it be free for the elderly on a government scheme like the flu vaccine.

So yes, wouldn’t hold your breath on getting one soon even if a big breakthrough happens