Pfizer vaccine boosts stocks

Well this has made lots of stocks pop so far with UK markets and assuming will do when US opens.

Big question is, which stocks may fall after this overall market rally, as some stocks wont benefit from this as much as others. Perhaps AZ etc will fall as its a Pfizer vaccine?

Don’t know but expect stock offerings galore if the gains hold into the week!

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Not sure i’d risk going short on much at the moment but I’d expect ‘stay-at-home’ stocks to be left behind as the market rallies e.g. peloton, zoom, slack. Tech in general I’d expect to lag behind slightly.

can see markets crashing for none vaccine stuff zoom is already plummeting pre market for example. But all the stocks will rebound up as the fact we are in some form of lockdown etc.

This is mental. I’ve never seen volatility like this.

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then you missed the March volatility


I am not complaining, but has somewhat stoped my planned stock additions as some I was planning to add more to due to being at good price are now up like 5-10% in pre-market lol time to reassess, however my UK stocks i aded to first this this morning have nice gains (for now).

In pre-market seems AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD up but not SQ and STNE, will be interesting how this all plays out.

It seems like S&P 500 and DJIA futures are up big (4 and 6%) at the moment while the heavy tech Nasdaq future is playing around the flat line.

If you’re not shorting SPY today, I don’t know what to to tell you.

Big RIP to 212 servers

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Yep so much for making a quick move on anything lol

Yeah I did. Is it just me or is T212 crashing a lot today?

Yes stuck, no charts updates often disconnecting

Part of the biden crime family.

Now we got Moderna vaccine making stocks pop today:

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