Trading212 Dividend Diary

Quick demo of a live and query able Trading212 Dividend Diary for you to play with and see dividends by Ex or Pay Date …

for example

change the “d” and “f” parameters… ExDate/PayDate… “d”=yyyy-mm-dd

or see what UK stocks went Ex Div last Thursday (as most UK stocks tend to go Ex on Thursday to marry settlement cycle norms)

More details…

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Would it be possible to use d=$Today maybe even with +1 for tomorrow and/or $Thisweek for even more flexibility?

Also you might want to look at the error page, I tried the =today and got more intel about your api hosting then you might want to share.

On the homepage you have some html tags after closing the body.


<h3> <b> Say Hi! <strong class=“text-danger”> xxx @ </strong>


Yep. Nice spot. No error handling. Now done. Won’t be bulletproof, but it’s better as the format of the URL parameter is validated a little bit…

I’ll do something about flexibility. It probably won’t be “today” , “nextweek” etc as all this data is easily available via my API. This was a quick hack to see what dividends are paying out on T212 stocks within a certain (small) window … if people want to map it against their own personal portfolio then they can just sign up and get a free APIkey.

Thanks again for the error spotting… there will certainly be a few of them… it was hacked together pretty quickly and whilst hungover!

Weird. I don’t see that my side

It is when you look at the source of the page itself. Maybe some browsers will not like it, that is why i mention it. Brave, Chrome and Edge are displaying it without any problems.