First Impressions of Pie's after first use

Before these I got £60 cash in my ISA 0cash in pie and the pie is worth £150

Since my ISA allowance is already full the plan was,

  • move AMAT + ASML into the pie
  • hit rebalance, and watch
    • big chunks of ASML, AMAT sold

What actually happened

it sold these “extra big” holdings which are moved from outside, further more it also sold some of “fractional” shares held in the pie.

and finished…

now my rebalanced pie has shares worth less than £150 and £6K+ in cash… And I have to buy some of the shares “the balance” function just sold… lost money keep selling buying same thing.

Well that’s not ideal… but its not a big deal, since I won’t be moving shares in everyday right? What do I need to do for the pie to “consume” this cash? I could not find any other way than hitting “Invest/Withdraw” and using the “slider” to invest. But… I got 6K inside the pie which I want to spend, and the slider complains that I need to invest at least £22 something… So I move the slider a bit and it automatically snaps to drain a further £22 from ISA into the pie and a small note under £22 says “also the 6xxx pounds in the pie will be invested”

Should not there be an option to just use the cash inside the pie? Tapping on shares does noth

Now one last thing, can someone tell me how many AMD shares do I have in this pie? I guess 20ish? it’d be nice to see it here, while tapping on the holdings does nothing.

edit: conclusion: looks slick and in theory it should work great, but due to flaws in the execution it physically makes you loose money at the mo.

Hi @kali, we will investigate what happened here. 6K “spare change” after rebalancing is definitely not normal and not the intended behaviour of the rebalance function.

Thanks, for the detailed description of the flow of events. It really helps!

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2nd impression, does not get better sorry.
I have a lot of executions today on my pies and quite a few transactions does not show in trade history. (in web or mobile)

In the lack of any download/export/api functionality this basic screen is the only source of record keeping, for that it has to be rock solid.

I can provide screenshots and detail what is missing if you want to open a private channel or email. Don’t want to paste them in here.

Yes, please DM them to me.