First REIT Investment

Hi all,

Looking to invest in my first REIT in the next few days (or once things drop again a bit)once I’ve done some research.

Is there any Recommendations anyone has for me too look into that may not be on the radar?

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Bunkers for the win :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Kali, I’ll have a butchers. Are there any strong UK ones?

I recomend BPYU, AMT and STOR.
Best of breed.

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I had a similar thought a few months ago but decided I wanted to look at UK based warehouse REITS given the current climate. My understanding is that the USA ones offer better yield but I don’t have the time to actually research that and trying to factor in exchange rates etc seems to hard so stuck to UK listed ones.
My list ended up being Warehouse REIT (WHR), Tritax big box REIT (BBOX), LondonMetric Property (LMP) and Segro (SGRO).
Thus far I’ve only taken a small investment in WHR which I feel is quite speculative but reached my desired entry price so I thought why not?
I found this the best list of current LSE listed REITS though you have to research each company to find out what sectors they operate in

Hi @Jobloggs,

For a UK REIT, do your own research on Tritax Big Box (BBOX).

I own DLN and BBOX from UK, but don’t recommend neither. If you want to bet on covid recovery DLN used the be one of the highest quality ones, and got utterly hammered throughout covid and very cheap at the mo.