FiscalNote NOTE poss go-private

I haven’t really followed NOTE very much and never held (until this morning).

I see the comment in the results yesterday that says “Separately, the Company announced its Board of Directors (the “Board”) has established a Special Committee in response to statements made by the Company’s CEO and Co-founder, Tim Hwang, regarding his interest in putting together a consortium to explore a potential go-private transaction”.

Benzinga says that there is 36% shorts in the company so any bid could cause a short squeeze. I’d be interested in other people’s views

I don’t know a huge amount about NOTE and watching it now. Highlights have nobody really knows what proper market cap should be for a company. Today I’ve seen notes from multiple analysts; Davidson has maintained rating but reduced target from $2.75 to $.065, Northland downgrade from $9 to $7, Riley reduced target from $5 to $1.75… So the analyst price targets range from $0.65 to $7 even after reductions!