No price data for PSTH

Apologies in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, I have looked but couldn’t find an answer except for a few threads requesting it be added.

I can find PSTH but there’s no price shown and I am presuming this means it can’t be purchased.

What’s the score with it? Is it unavailable in the UK or something atm?

Just to add that I’ve read the thread for IPOs where this was mentioned, last response was July 23rd and I am still none the wiser.

I got the impression that it might be because the type of stock can’t be sold?

Unfortunately, the SPAC hasn’t converted to a common stock yet and this is the reason for lack of quotes. We’ll disable the instrument and once it starts to receive price feed, we’ll enable it right away.

Thanks Martin. I think it might be available on Friday?

We can’t confirm yet, however, we’ll monitor if it gets live by Friday.

@Martin an 8-K was filed yesterday so potentially the common shares will be available sooner, ie. today.