$LUVU the most undervalued OTC on T212

Hey Guys,

There is one OTCQB Stock on Trading 212 that no one has yet discovered that’s trading at $0.35 that’s so undervalued trading at PE 4x with an EPS of 5 cents per share.

Check out this comparison with another business on the Nasdaq that resembles the same business in comparison.

Fundamentals and Financials stack up.

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The only problem is its just going up because it’s being pumped rather than any related to the business success which creates a problem once the pumpers leave and move on.

From my two minute DD its a random brand group that has six random brands that no ones heard of and they don’t appear to be going anywhere.

There’s nothing to inspire my confidence that it doesn’t fall back to trading 0.1-0.2 for another decade.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 10.13.01

And Lovesac dear god that really does sound like a euphemism for testicles yet they are selling ugly sofas and bean bags for the family.

They don’t seem a direct competitor of LUVU or a this what they could be worth market cap wise.

It’s not actually pumped like you think it is.
It may seem that way but the business will run on it’s fundamentals with its increasing Revenue and Earnings. Just have a look at their 10Qs and you will see.

Based on the numbers in the screenshot it has a P/E ratio of 10 though. :smiley: (Not 4)
Dividing the market cap stated, 31.4m by the trailing net income of 3.1m.

Still, the P/E is lower than that of the general USA market. :slight_smile:

Stock is now at $0.32.
MC is $24.6m MC
PE is 4x now.
CAGR is 30%
We should see Net Income increase over the next few quarters as sales growth is rising.
I liaised with the company CFO and their is no need to raise equity. Any debt they have on the balance sheet they want to maintain.

FYI - Free trading float is 32 million shares, but greater than 5% shareholders own 5.4 million. So really about 27 million shares in the float.

But what are you expecting that will cause the SP to go any higher and not fall back to 0.2?

Actual company results, as apposed to being hyped on /r/pennystocks

It’s just a random business making a few weird products.

75.038M shares * 0.3279 = $24.6M :white_check_mark:

If the EPS is 0.039 so the PE… :thinking:

0.3279 / 0.039 = 8.1

Edit: it actually has that in the screenshot below.

Business is in a great position to become an acquisition target.

You’re only factoring net Income to date, if forward thinking we have 2 more quarters ahead and both likely to be profitable.

This is not a speculative penny stock pump and dump for self gratification.

The business generates growing revenue and met income at very good value.

For an example of a penny stock/otc that is showing gradul growth checkout Vulcan Energy.

Soon as $LUVU have their marketing campaign done we will have more eyes, new shareholders will invest and the business will eventually start to take market share in the adult goods market.

What unique product(s) are they making and selling thats making them a potential acquisition target, and acquisition from who?

All very cheap looking boxy pillows and furniture. There’s zero style or elegance to them.

I have to assume most of the money is coming from Liberator range.








Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 10.31.33

Well, Liberator is a unique product is it not ?? :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Well no one can have that brand label without causing a law suit.

But what I meant was, do they have anything thats unique to that brand like a Rampant Rabbit?

What distinguishes that from any other range of sex toys etc you can buy on any site.

There needs to be something that everyone wants, they only they can make and sell, to take them from obscurity to known.