Can new SPAC listings please be considered as important as IPO's

They are extremely time sensitive.

important dates for meetings, votes etc can be pretty much out of the blue and sporadic. Everytime there is a PR announcement we get a price surge.

I understand you are busy at the moment. But there are a few SPACS due to merge soon and we haven’t been able to get a look in yet.


Spacs that come to mind are


And some others people have mentioned


What are Spacs? New to this terms

See this link for reference. In short, they’re companies who’ve IPO’d and main mission is to purchase another company within 24 months usually.

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@Harveyboy83 I agree but the same can be said for many other companies that are about to make a big announcement or propose an acquisition. For now, we’ll only be prioritizing IPOs.

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Fair point but for now could we add MFAC please :innocent:

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I think IPO and SPAC should be treated the same in the sense that when people request specific ones and there’s enough of that request, they should be added - you can’t add them all with speed yet and that’s fine.


SPACS are growing in popularity and 212 is falling behind by not getting them quicker. People on the trading 212 and SPAC force groups on Facebook are getting more and more frustrated by this and now leaving 212 for other trading platforms because it’s falling on deaf ears


212 have gotten big fast, now I reckon they’re understaffed.

These are just the latest hype up pump and dumps imo. Everyone gets mad because the one they were definitely going to buy went 200% but the 6 others they were going to buy did shit.

T212s fault :upside_down_face:

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FOMO; that’s all it is! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: #guilty

@Scrooge_McCodf actually the spacs on 212 are doing well… As are the ones that aren’t on 212.

As @mcwilliams91 says pure FOMO🤣

Can you please show us something that isn’t doing well this days?

It seems that every nonprofit or losing company is increasing market cap by 20-30% daily. As long as the balance sheet is awful, stock price skyrocket…

Ohhh does is resemble some scenario in past??? I wonder :beach_umbrella: :beers:

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@Vedran so are you saying we should invest in companies with awful balance sheets instead of promising acquisitions?

From thousands of high quality company with history/future and might make us steady growth YoY.

But no, let us speculate from thousands of startups which 0.01% will turn out to be new apple or amzn, while losing money on 99.99 % on this “promising acquisitions”…

Sounds like a decent plan… :thinking:

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They’re not all start ups mate. Most of them are private companies with products and infrastructure in place. Take FMCI(tattooed chef)
And OPES(burgerfi) for example.
I really think you should research SPACs mate because you’re making a lot of assumptions


Ok, lets talk in 10 years and see how it unfolds, does it make sense? :beers:

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Lol @Vedran you could be right mate, it might not be a long term investment plan. But my short term plan is to milk the shit out of it while we can


Opes Acquisition Corp


Pls add this SPaC

@David can we please get the existing spac OPES :pray:

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