Investing: SPACs Thread

A good article from Crunchbase about the SPACs basics:


I was enjoying (RGB Acquisition Corps) but seems to be bearish this week.

An interesting article about SPACs:

Cciv seems to be going moonward :rocket:

Let’s face it you can never lose money if you just never sell.

Stocks always rise so SPACs are the future right!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


A Seeking Alpha video explaining the mechanics of SPACs:


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Something was missing, fixed now :smiley:


Either get on the bandwagon or go to cash. But remember you will need to get off!

Cash had lost you on a real return around 10% on average for the past 50 years … just saying

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A news article about the Branson-related SPAC with an interesting video about SPACs:

A question:

Imagine a startup company, ABC, that is owned by venture capital firms or a more mature and established company, XYZ, owned by private equity firms.

Now, what prevents that the venture capital firms or private equity firms from creating a SPAC, sell their shares, and then the SPAC acquiring the startup/mature company that they owned previously? It shows a conflict of interests.

Even if there aren’t any of that cases, companies going public though SPAC are less public scrutinized, the SPAC’s investors could be holding the bag on a lemon (a dud or even a fraud company).

Nikola was a SPAC acquired company, probably not the case of the same sellers and buyers questioned above, but still a company that still needs prove itself as a reliable company.

Theranos was shown and proved as a fraud company, imagine if it went public though a SPAC, and after that it was discover it was a fraud…

I don’t often follow SPAC news but I did chuckle at the units on this fintech focused one



…FACA.ME they didn’t think that through. :joy: