New Community Layout

Hello Community :wave:

We just made some improvements to our Community. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the best out of the new functions:

Customisable sidebar :art:

A new way to check what is important for you and enhance the overall experience. Follow important topics, add categories and access what’s important to you quickly.

You can sort your favourite categories by going to Your profile>Preferences>Sidebar.

New notifications menu :newspaper_roll:

The new notifications menu has separate tabs for each type of notification. Navigate easily between your recent replies, mentions and likes without leaving the current page.

You can find this at the upper right under your profile picture.

User Status :palm_tree:

Tell others what’s going on with you by changing your user status. You can use it to let everyone know you’re temporarily unavailable, are on a long vacation, or just to share your mood.

To set custom status, go to the user menu and press the Set custom status button.

Dark/Light theme :yin_yang:

Whether you’re a night owl and want to put less strain on your eyes or just prefer to switch between modes, we’re sure you will enjoy this new addition.

Discourse Reactions :blue_heart:

More than just a like - express what’s on your mind with just one reaction.

If you want to get the best Discourse experience, here are links to the AppStore and GooglePlay to download the mobile app.

We are eager to hear how you like the new look of the Community. We encourage your honest feedback to create the best of space for all of us :eyes:


Dark theme is much appreciated. But isn’t this off-the-shelf forum software? Did you actually spend company resources customizing it or is it simply an update that the software itself received?

@trade, glad you like the dark theme. I prefer it as well :sweat_smile:

The software that supports our Community had an update and we implemented the new features that were released with the update.