Fractional Shares?

Hi there, on my app it seems I am unable to access fractional shares. I checked I have the latest updates and on all the videos on buying them it seems really easy to find on the top bar. not sure if I am doing something wrong

Not all stocks have fractional. To get icon to see which stocks have fractional you can enable under settings.

However this is just visual icon, even without this option you can buy shares fractionals for those that it is enabled at present.

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ahh okay, its not in my settings at all as an option but If it is still possible then no worries

Its under settings> Trade Preference

I grabbed some fractionals for the first time today, discovered that it’s not possible to order fractionals with full shares in the same order ticket, unsure as to why not but anyway it’s such a fab feature, I was really able to fill out my allocations by squeezing those in there and they were available on all but 1 of the shares I picked up today too so I’m happy with that

For some reason under trade settings it doesnt come up, doesnt matter too much