Franklin FTSE India- IE00BHZRQZ17 in EUR / USD

Franklin FTSE India- IE00BHZRQZ17 in EUR if not possible then in USD


Any update on this ETF please?

etfs have long waits and don’t often get replies on a per topic basis.

ETFs usually get added in large batches at once now so check back for a post from T212 about the next 200-500 they have added to the platform.

which exchange are you requesting this etf from? we can only ask for the exchanges currently available and no others.

Hi Dao, I do not really careabout the exchange, i just want the ETF in EUR, so I guess that Germany / Netherlands woul work :slight_smile:

when making a request, it helps T212 to know the exact instrument you want added, which includes the exchange it’s listed on with its ticker symbol, as they need to check its liquidity and availability on IBKR.

the issue still stands however that ETFs usually come in batches with a big delay especially EUR denominations.

Perhaps this needs updated to make it easier for new users to understand how to make requests clear so it’s easier to read & hopefully quicker to get more tradable securities added that are missing?

I would suggest details of the IB listing and preferred currency/exchange would be useful in any request.

Bonus if a link to the IB listing.

Hi all,

I am adding additional information to my request.

Symbol: FLXI
Currency: EUR
Exchange: BVME.ETF
ASSETID: IB65655343

IB Link: IB Contract Information Center

I hope that this is what you need.