iShares MSCI EM ex-China - IE00BMG6Z448 in EUR / USD

Please add this ETF: iShares MSCI EM ex-China - IE00BMG6Z448 in EUR / USD

We need EM ETF without China!!


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would this ETF be possible or not?

as mention in one of your other requests, you need to specify the exchange the ETF is listed on for clarity and its ticker symbol. ETFs usually come at a large delay in batches, every couple of months.

You are waiting only for 14 days. I had requested hundreds of ETFs/ETCs/ETNs for several months, almost a 1 year ago.

ETFs/ETCs/ETNs, specially EUR-denominated ones are the unloved part of the T212 requests.

Maybe, if you don’t want to wait for their addition, buying EUR-denominated ETFs in other brokers could be the solution.

Hi all,

I am adding additional information to my request.

Symbol: EXCS
Currency: EUR
Exchange: EBS
ASSETID: IB90391659

IB Link: IB Contract Information Center

I hope that this is what you need.