Free shares from referals

I’ve sent serveral emails over the last few days but haven’t received any response. I referred two friends over 2 weeks ago who are have met the requirements. Neither them nor I have recieved our free shares.

Are you sure the requirements were fulfilled because I got my free share less than 24 hours after funding my account yesterday after using someone else’s link to register and then another chap I spoke to had his free share after someone used his link so it was working fine yesterday.

Have you and your friends read the T&Cs in full?

As @Rocky Rocky suggested - only upon meeting the criteria a free share will be allocated. See here:

Currently, you don’t have any pending free shares just because your referrals are not meeting the promotion terms.

As of your emails - I can see that our team has shared this information with you already a couple of times. Excuse any delays with the replies, though. I want to remind again that all account-specific topics will be delisted: