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Hey guys, I have been using trading 212 for about 6 months now and I completely forgot, that my freind signed up using my link, however I was never notified about being handed a free share at any point even though the promotion was running. I wanted to ask if both of us could still get our free share as neither of us received one.
Thank you!

Have you used the contact form to inform T212 of the missing free shares?

I signed up via a popular YouTubers link and never received my free share either. I did fill in a contact form, but never heard anything back so still don’t have the free share from my sign up.

I assume they are just working through a backlog of requests via the contact form and I’ll eventually get it within the next few months.

I referred a friend myself since then and we both got our free shares very quickly, so at least I have got that as a freebie. Just would have been nice to get the free share when using the popular youtubers link when I signed up. T212 is a cracking service, so can’t complain :grinning:

It happened to me 4/5 times, where I invited friends and didn’t get any free shares. When I contacted the customer service via chat (Before covid there was the live chat) all they said is that my friends have to contact the support and not me.

When my friends contacted Trading 212, all they did was take my email address and said the share will come in seven–10 working days (Not sure exactly if it was seven–10 days, but something similar) and I never received any shares.

I have posted the same question on the forum here and it was completely deleted.

@Hd21121 & @arafath98 I can’t find any tickets while searching with the emails that you have used here.

Nevertheless, if the link was used accordingly and the promotion the criteria are met, then a free share will be issued in up to 3 business days. The most common reason for a free share to not be issued is because the referred person usually has enabled Ad-blockers on their device, thus why he cannot be attributed to the referral link.

For your convenience I’m adding a link to our FAQ page:

@Tony.V As mentioned, it was via in-app webchat before covid, around January, maybe the reason why you cannot see the ticket. However, they did not have any Ad-blockers on their devices.

If me or they open a ticket now, and give the relative proofs of using my link, will I be able to get any shares? I know it passed long time since then, maybe not, just asking if still possible

@arafath98 Each inquiry is reviewed independently, as we aim to ensure that a relevant and fair outcome was offered.

In general, the answer is:

Yet, feel free to reach out our team, and we’ll perform the necessary account audit. :v:

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Hello there, how can I do this? Is there any one I can privately email to get my share? Thank you!

Yes, email . I did, explained my case and what happened and issue resolved within a couple of hours. Response time was extremely quick in comparison to other customer service emails I have used elsewhere.

Their customer service is great in my opinion.