Friendly Discord Server for T212 Users

Any groups on Telegram? :thinking: :blush:

Like it. Just registered see you there :slight_smile:

Our Discord server is growing nicely and it’s still open to all. Just thought I’d update this thread with a new link and to bump this post.

New Link:

Feel free to join and participate in the discussion. Hope to see you guys there.

This guy is just spamming IMO - he doesn’t even reply.

Nobody has asked me a question or said anything for me to reply to. Some people said the link didn’t work previously so I apologised and sent a new link. I’m happy to answer any questions people might have about the discord group.

Our discord group, unlike many other ones out there, is completely free with no hidden “pay room” which a lot of other trading servers are. We’re just a bunch of guys who trade and talk about stocks.

@buckles on the discord server, create a link that doesn’t expire, and post that just once. there is no reason to be constantly posting links that expire.

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