UK's fastest growing investing community

In less than a year since we launched it, this forum has become one of the most active communities in the UK for discussing trading and investing.

Thank you for joining the conversation!


That’s great. One can also see that some Trading 212 staff and community members are individually reading 1000s of posts. Per month.

It would be amusing to know if perhaps as many as 1% of those posts are from people either (a) requesting non-UCITS ETFs (eg especially ARKK), or (b) complaining about a loss on a position in US shares despite the USD price having risen.


c) my stop loss has triggered but the price never reached that

d) can we have Tencent added?


anyway good to see it growing

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But these are 100x better than the “my order is frozen…what is going on???” posts from some time ago. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Or “why is my AIM stock not selling?”


Credit where credit is due! Team T212 are one of the main reasons for this success. They engage with the community regularly and in most cases implement what the community suggests or requests, which is by far the best service I have encountered anywhere. I am in a lot of other forums and you don’t get the same level of engagement from their teams. Keep up the good work :+1:t5:


there is a great deal of quality content. just a shame the day is limited to only 24hours xD

It’s no longer possible for me to keep up with everything AND do the necessary research to give a coherent answer, before someone beats me to the punch :wink: certain types are definitely more noticeable but the vast expanse of topics are truly diverse :slight_smile:

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