Full amount of funds not appearing - ✅ Solved

Hello I deposited 20£ (which is there)into my investing account, I want to move it to my ISA account it will only move £12.73 why is this? I’ve also tried withdrawing the money it say withdrawal amount 12.73

Do you have any blocked funds from a free share? It will tell you when you try to withdraw.

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I got the share last friday sold it and reinvested it same day

Yes i got a free under armour share last week for around the same amount? What difference does it make?

The value of the share is locked for 30 days, so you can’t withdraw or transfer the funds until the date it tells you In the withdraw section

2.5. The monetary value of the Promotion Share shall be subject to a 30 days withdrawal lock-up period, from the day of the receipt of the Promotion Share. The lock-up will not affect in any way any other assets You have - e.g. Your deposit or Your profit (if any) arising from the Promotion Share etc. In case You have sold the Promotion Share with a loss (for less than it initially cost) only the funds acquired from the sale would be subject to the lock-up period. If you have received the monetary value, instead of a Promotion Share, those funds will be subject to the lock-up period.

As per: https://www.trading212.com/en/Free-Share-Terms

Available for withdrawal, currently, are the free funds that are the result of what is not yet invested from your deposit ± the trading result.

Okay but the 20£ I put in yesterday have nothing to do with promotion share?

But it is affecting my deposit?

7£ i can’t move or withdraw I can invest in my investing account it shows up

When you invest the funds from the free share and deposit after that, they get “switched” with your own funds, so the “free share funds” can remain locked and prevent withdrawal.

Basically, you have £12~ of your money, £7 from selling free share and £7~ in shares bought from your money. It’s a common tactic used to dissuade abuse of free giveaways

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