Fund account through someone else’s credit card

So i have read some new things here on the community and i have seen this paragraph

“Can I fund my account through someone else’s bank account or credit card?
No. Your account can be funded only from your own bank account or credit card. If the account is funded through a joint bank account, you will need to provide us with a bank statement.”

So i have opened a while ago for my father an account because he wanted to get into trading and he doesn’t know much about internet in general and deposited money from his credit but after 1 day i decided to put some money in his trading account with my debit card and everything went smooth, no problems.
My question is what do i do now i will have some problems when i want to withdrawal or what, i need some information about this. We are at the same bank btw

We monitor every single transaction & we perform an internal AML account audit. If there is a 0.000001% chance of fraudulent action, then we’ll act strictly.

Our team will reach you out should further details are required. Yet, to avoid being asked for additional documents, I’d recommend using only cards owned by the account holder.

So how you determined that?
I haven’t the smallest intention of doing a fraudulent action. The only thing i wanted is to put a few more money into the account, nothing more. I didn’t think will be a problem , i’m sorry. If this is a big deal why trading 212 made the transaction possible? You say that you recommend using your own card to fund the account but you don’t forbidden doing that?
Maybe you can come again with more information?

By the way Mr. Tony i think i have a joint bank account.(i don’t speak english very good). If joint bank account means that a member of the family is empowered to manage my account like can withdrawal or to put money in my bank account at the bank. Is that classified like a joint bank account? I used my debit card where he is empowered to access my bank account. I have a statement from the bank is 3 days old where is written that he is my representative if that counts for something