Funds withdrawal

I’ve funded my account with both bank transfer and card payments. Right now if I want to withdraw any fund it only allows me to choose between the two cards I used and not my bank account for a normal bank transfer. Is there any way for me to withdraw directly to the bank account I also used to fund my account?
Also is there any limit withdrawals to card?


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Afaik , once you use card, it will be preferred way to withdraw. What you can do is request removal of card via email.

If you want to use bank withdrawal, top up only with bank wire. Otherwise if you top up with card it will always take priority over bank wire…

Do you know if bank wire does have a fee?

No fee, free of charge.

Good, I’ll contact the support then to get cards removed and have wire transfer only available. I see the live chat is gone? is that just temporary ?

T212 is working on getting chat back. Should be up during April…

I thought that i can withdraw funds on other cards than the one i used to fund my account more easily not to request a removal. Or that apply if you want to withdraw on bank wire. I funded the account with an card but when i will withdraw funds i want to be on another card. I should to the request myself or is easier for me?

Well I doubt this is in accordance to AML. source of funding should be used for withdrawal. You should check for your specific use case with t212 team :slight_smile:

So if i will choose next time different card for funding the account i will be able to withdraw all my funds on that card, bcs i will not use the one i used until now.

Previously you could have multiple cards used for withdrawal. But I havent used cards since UI change of fund/withdrawal process so cannot confirm.