Historical data on 212

I’ve have noticed that none of the historical data of stocks on 212 matches those of google/yahoo/market insider and others.
I you want to check all the lows and highs on daily historical charts you can’t because none of it corresponds of how the market moved ! Extremely annoying and not accurate.
212 most likely makes money on price differences but at least they could then have their own daily charts showing open/lows/highs/closing.

this has been addressed many times. the information on T212 is accurate. what it is NOT however, is the same information your other sources are displaying.

I see thanks Dao to take the time to respond. However, so I understand there’s no way we have 212 historical SP shown anywhere ? It’s a very helpful tool …

it’s the correct tool for the job it was made for.

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So Google/yahoo plotting the trades (buy and sells) and T212 plots the ask (what was being asked).

If you are talking about length of history T212 only really has it since the particular stock was added. I wish they would import further back to create a better long term charts to help with 200EMAs etc

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there’s the divide in that the price feed is bloomberg and the execution is IB. at the very least the current chart feed has a pretty high accuracy to the price I end up getting when opening/closing a position. the actual trade charts as seen in google/yahoo would have me thinking I got a subpar price, when it was the best that was available.

a lot of tools are best used separate from T212 for accuracy and reliability, especially purpose made ones since they will be more robust and reliable.

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What do you think the 212 SP would be - the first trade placed through 212 with Interactive broker?

What if that first 212/IB trade wasn’t placed until 3 hours after the market opened? If you’re looking for the SP, would it not be useful to know the best SP you could have got, based on trading when the market opened?

How much would you be willing to pay for this additional information?

We don’t pay 212 for investment analytics. Personally, I check any trades I place through 212 to the market, to make sure I am actually getting a good deal, rather than assuming because I don’t pay any platform or additional trade fees, that it is a good deal.

I’m not saying what you are asking for isn’t a good idea, but there is more to it than adding the extra information.

I’m not following? :thinking:

Basically if the ASK in T212 was say 10p, the BID was 9p, and a whopping 1p spread for drama.

Someone comes along and buys and the trade is 9.9p. Then in the next minute a 9p sale.

About 15m later the 9.9p would pop up on Google/yahoo, followed by the 9p. They have a delayed feed of the last trade.

So if the ASK hadn’t moved within those 15mins you might see 10p as the ASK in T212 still and 9p shown on Google/Yahoo as the last trade.

Ok basically if you take EZJ as an example. If you look on this chart of today, you can see the lowest was 800 and the highest 835.01, so where on the 212 Trading EZJ chart on the invest account does it show that these numbers were reached. Unless I got it wrong … I’m not an expert and wouldn’t pretend to be. Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 8.13.47 PM

So the T212 chart is plotting what is being asked so it won’t match unless every trade is a buy and they pay exactly that to the penny.

So as an eg that high trade at the end of the day. The offer (ask) column is what T212 plots.

Price is what someone paid or received.

A couple of differences:

  • Your table includes pre-market prices, which will not be included in T212 chart (it will show as a gap).
  • T212 chart shows the ASK price at any point in time (the price that someone could have bought at, if there were buyers at that point wanting to buy at that price), which will not be necessarily reflected in the trade price in the table if no sales have been completed at that price.

It would be nice to have the pre/postmarked feeds shown even if we can’t trade in those slots. People could place better pending orders without worry of gapping at market open catching them out. Work in progress for the moment.

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Dao, that’s exactly my point :wink: