$FVAC Fortress Value Acquisition shares

Fortress Value Acquisition Corp. (FVAC) as they are merging with MP Materials.


Second this, PLEASE add!


I registered just to ask for this. Please add this ASAP!

Please add $FVAC on your platform!

Yes, we need this ASAP

Whole agree. $200m investment into their PIPE from Chamath, the guy that IPO-Ed SPCE via a SPAC. @David - could you please add, like many of the other SPACs you did recently?

One pager on it:


This has got to be added

Yes please this could be a very good stock

Yes, need this for sure

Yes please add would like to invest in this stock

He is going to pump it tomorrow. Please add, @David

Yeah fully support, read his twitter thesis on it yesterday. Not overly convinced, but he’s solid and worth a punt

@David @Martin can we please get this :pray:

Miss so many stocks as they arent available here, added once the hype is gone. Dnt know when they will be able to give us access to full list of stocks

He could also be mentioning IPOB or IPOC.
Please add.

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I’d be surprised if there is anything meaningful to say about those a month after launching, whilst FVAC he recently invested into the PIPE.

But yes, you never know!

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