How to count for Forex (FX) when calculating?

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Total noob to investing — started 3 days ago.

I’m putting together an Excel sheet to keep track of things.
How do I factor in the FX impact on an investment in Excel? Is there an equation or formula that will allow me to see how much (in currency and percentage) my investments are being impacted by the FX exchange?

My Excel sheet so far can automatically keep me up to date with my gain or loss. But I’m not sure how to set it up so it can also factor in the exchange — this is big, since it really does count!

Even if it can’t be automated and it’s really time-consuming, if someone could run me through how to calculate the FX impact on a stock it would be super, mega appreciated.

Thank you so very much!

Your best off inputting the information into a ready made share provider ie marketwatch or webull or similar.
This will allow you to enter exact amounts and then it will automatically work it out for you.
Spreadsheets are fine for start to end tax or profit/loss calculations but pretty useless for day to day observations

Hi, Lenos!

Where exactly can I enter my numbers? Looked around for a bit, but can’t find where on either platform.

Thank you!

Good option.

Alternatively if you want to stay in Excel, you can download a foreign exchange rate CSV readily online for say the past year, and with the help of an Index/Match formula, work out the FX.

For what you need the stock master app would be the easiest to use

The FX is pants on StockMaster.

I’d use sheets and a google finance formula.

Any guides/videos online that show how to do this? Thank you!

I’ll give this a go!

It’s easy to use yoi can imput your own data all it does is follow it

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Sorry to be annoying, where do I input the data? Can’t find it.

It doesn’t work properly mate.

Does Google offer a forex calculator/formula?

Remind me to tomorrow I’ll check. You can get live stock prices in google sheets so I assume so

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That’s the thing I’m stuck on, not sure how to work out or predict what impact FX will have or has on an investment. Trading212 says it — great! — but how do I get that into Excel and have it update automatically? That’s what I wish I could find the solution to.

Try this.

Yup! Gotten stock prices from Google already — just types in AAPL, for example, and then they give you a bunch of options for what other info you’re after.
It’s just, I couldn’t find something for FX.

Just use the fx formula in another cell against your investment value

Does Stock Master pull the exchange rate automatically?

I don’t believe it does.

I had indent Information in 212 and StockMaster and a different result

Doesn’t seem to work…
I’ve already converted USD to GBP, but it only offers a simple “this is the equivalent of your amount in GBP” without any mention of FX or taxes etc.