Gain/Loss History on Graph for Individual Stocks

I’d like to see a feature added so that when we click on a stock that we are invested in and drag our touch input across the stock price graph, we can see where we were making gains and losses and by how much. A bit like the portfolio graph but instead this would be for individual stocks.

A better way could be to allow users to filter how ever many stocks they want that are in their portfolio. So, if we filter out one stock in the portfolio we can see the gains and losses of just that one stock in the portfolio graph.


That’s an expensive feature to implement. Brokers don’t usually offer it. But there are dedicated portfolio trackers that do offer this feature.

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It is just a suggestion. The whole experience of tracking and investing will be a lot easier and convenient than switching between lots of different software and tools to get the information we’re looking for. Of course this is not something that would be implemented straight away but just a suggestion of a feature that could be implemented in the future in an attempt to improve efficiency and convenience for users. :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely something useful, at least I would use it a lot