Portfolio graph should resemble your actual performance

Currently the portfolio graph shows only your open positions and its total profits and losses. I would like to see a chart that resembles my portfolio performance so it should show the total return over time, value of your open positions + cash, ROI on the actual investment (total invested should not include free stocks or transfers from Invest and CFD vice versa). These are some ideas for now as currently you can only track performance by using Excel or something similar.

This would make the chart a lot better because at the moment my chart looks like I had massive peaks with steep drops as I sold large positions. This feature could be an option where every user is free to chose what they want to see on the Portfolio chart by turning all elements on or off in the settings.

Added a picture of how it could look and how this resembles your performance in a much better way

Untitled design


Thanks for your input, @LucasSt!

We appreciate improvement ideas like yours, as we constantly explore ways to enhance the platform and provide clients with the best UX possible. Will definitely consider your proposal :writing_hand: