Gains not showing

I have just sold some stocks and had gains of £500 something however, this profit did not reflect on my account value.

I was wondering if this is a glitch or does it take time to reflect, if so then how long until I see this profit on my profit?

Just a quick tip, try switch to practice mode and then back. It should reflect changes.

Sometimes happened to me.

done, no change whatsoever…

Go to the history tab and click on the transaction.
It will pop open a tab with the information such as profit made etc.

Double check this information, make sure it tallies.
Check funds available.

If you feel something is still not correct, message an admin on here.
Also make sure there wasn’t an issue with currency exchange etc.

Not sure what stock or how much you had etc, can’t offer much more help without knowing exactly.

The history tab reflects the gains accurately, however the account value still doesn’t.

How do I find an admin to message on here? I am new and very confused.

@David Can you advise this chap why his funds are a little amiss?
I expect if the history tab is showing correctly, the dashboard might not have updated or something simple like such.


Edit- I’ve done it for you @ash

thank you …@adm

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The account value represents the current value of your account, and not your net deposits. Therefore I’m confused at why you were expecting a change in your account value. Yes, you realised your gains, however your account value already would have reflected this prior to selling.


because the account value is not showing my profits, where else will my profits be visible? i have calculated all the other stock losses and gains and still doesn’t add up to the total revenue i should have after that profitable sell.

@ash I can see that it’s correctly reflected in your account value.

Account value is always reflecting the profit/loss. So when you sell, account value will not magically increase because the profit was accounted for in the first place, same as loss, the account value is dynamic always reflecting true value of your stock position + deposit cash…

So nothing happens to account value once you sell, it just removes amount of sold from invested money. However account value has profit/loss already accounted for. In time of sale the profit/loss becomes permanent. Nothing else.

So if you deposit 500$. Your Account value is 500$. Free funds is 500$.
Now you invest 200$ in stock A.

Account value is still 500$. 200 invested + 300$ Free funds.
Now Stock A appreciates 10% in value, giving you

520$ Account Value, 200$ Invested + 20$ Return(220$ Porfolio value) + 300$ free funds.

Now we close position of stock A.

We realise profit of 20$.
Account Value is still 520$, 520$ Free Funds.


Everything you have stated makes same and I agree.

My issue is not exactly that, issue is that when I see I have made X amount of return on a share, it doesn’t show the reflect in my account value, it shows less, irrespective of me selling the shares.

For example-

  1. In my hypothetical account I started with £50,000
  2. I have invested in company A for £5,041.20
    (I’ve only invested in one Company to double check where I’m going wrong)
  3. The return on my only investment is now £173.67
  4. According to the calculation then my account value should now be £50,173.67 *Whether or not I sell this share.

However, It is £50,149.33, where is my missing £24.34?

It is not a big sum missing right now but when I have more shares and this happens with real money then it will be a terrible question to not have any answer to.

Can anyone solve this for me?

Thank you

@ash You paid exactly £24.34 in SDRT.

That amount due was visible before the order was placed, as seen here: