Genuine Impact Portfolios - Discussion Thread

Afternoon all

I know a few folk on here already used Genuine Impact, so guessing those same people have today received an invitation to beta test their Portfolios feature.

Just starting a thread off here for any users to discuss the feature and share feedback, ideas etc.




I don’t see any invitation :frowning: surprised they’ve got the beta going already!

I got an email earlier today - just at registration phase so maybe you’ll see it soon.


Did anyone invest? I made a video on the Genuine Impact raise, big potential returns:



Never even heard of this?

Am I right in saying it is the app?
I have just download it so will give it a whirl.

Not the new beta function, but the app. If it is what you mean.

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Join with someone’s link and you both get some premium subscription! Mines in the description of the video

Eek according to their calculations GM is good investment. :thinking:

Definitely doesn’t like my portfolio.

That’s annoying! I haven’t got an email either.

Well it says that it is cheap, which is technically is, and has good momentum. But is saying it has very weak financial strength and poor capital allocation. So wouldn’t say it’s saying it’s a good investment, just good value if you assume profitability stays consistent


Hi! Alex here from the team.

We sent out a form today to Android users who have a premium subscription so that we can get you set up next week, whereas iOS users don’t need to register in advance. So every premium subscriber will be able to get early access to the Alpha version of this new feature next week.

This is just an early version of the feature so please bear in mind that we’re expecting bugs. We’ll be adding new functionality for portfolios throughout the rest of the year too.

In this first version you’ll be able to see the average ranks for the investments in your Trading 212 portfolio for the first time. Along with recommendations for better ranking alternative investments, based on your current holdings. So hopefully you’re going to find this really useful.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! If you spot any bugs, please send us a message via the in-app chat, as it’s easiest for us to troubleshoot them there.


This is actually incredible! Can’t wait to get my
Portfolio put in, just too busy right now to do it :frowning: great work though!


Same here! I’ll be straight on it tonight.

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Got the link to the beta app but having opened it, I can’t see Portfolio options anywhere… am I being daft?

Are you IOS?

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Are you on IOS?

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Sorry Joey, I thought better of you Joey :stuck_out_tongue:.

All the link says is to fill in a form for Android.

What’s everyone’s portfolio look like on this? It’s a shame a few tickets aren’t on there.

Here’s me!

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That’s a pretty nice return! I’m curious to see what you’ve invested in now :smile: