Genuine Impact Portfolios - Discussion Thread

Missing a few holdings but…

Also not sure why the bottom stats are missing.

@alexs any update on adding JD and TTCF?




Good to see you’re also doing well!

Those are the ranks for funds so if you don’t have any in your portfolio, they’ll be empty.

We’re looking into why JD’s not in the app, TTCF should appear as soon as the data’s available though.


They’re some insane percentages for the year.

I must confess I haven’t read through all the informational screens so I don’t fully understand what it’s pulling together.

I’m also missing three holdings, that might likely bring it down.

Out of curiosity, how many holdings do you have?
I have too many to add unless it uploaded in a batch, such as a CSV export.

Not too many at all;

What’s that extract from Joey?

Based on pie targets, not my actual portfolio

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Screenshot from Stockopedia

Really! do we have a premium version of T212? Is genuine impact also from T212?

No we’re a separate startup, no affiliation. We’re fans of Trading 212’s investing service too :smile:


I am not really understanding some of the evaluations on this app, I mean look at the list of ‘top quality’. Interested about their portfolio feature but in app chat told me I will get it in several weeks (when my trial premium ends…).
It has very nice visuals, so if there was a functionality like a good portfolio (with dividend functions) then I would use it. Anyone with portfolio able to share the info they give you about portfolio other than the top level screenshots shared so far?

It’s really simple right now, just the percentage or value of each share and shows you if you held for a week or a year, and then it gives you all the rankings as it would for a stock or ETF. It’s pretty good. On their product roadmap, they’ll be adding a lot more features, I think it just takes time to implement, but it looks very good. You’ll get the dividend etc for you whole portfolio when the data is incorporated in the app

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You have a link to see what kind of features they have in mind?

Hi! We’re a startup, not part of Trading 212. You can download our iOS app here and if you choose to subscribe (which we hope you will), you’ll get early access to this feature.

Any possibility of having Login with Apple? :pray:

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giving the android app a try. not able to set up portfolio’s though and not sure how much I can agree with some of the rankings xD

It’s something we’ll consider, I’ll add your +1 for that :raised_hands:

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Portfolios are in testing at the moment, we’ll let you know as soon as they launch or if you subscribe in the meantime, you’ll get early access.