Genuine Impact Portfolios - Discussion Thread

It’s something we’ll consider, I’ll add your +1 for that :raised_hands:

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Portfolios are in testing at the moment, we’ll let you know as soon as they launch or if you subscribe in the meantime, you’ll get early access.

Can someone share the Beta link?
(If beta is still going on)

@alexs found a weird dupe bug.

Picked Top in UK and then selected all the sorts.



One question I had from the Out of

FreeTrade 695
R 776
T212 2646

2852 all three checked

So that’s suggesting there’s 206 on Freetrade and R not on T212

Also is there a way to add an other option to see those not on all three? Over 3000?

5982 all - 2852 = 3130

With T212 pushing almost 10,000 stocks atm, I’m sure it has more than 2646 of those 5982?

How does Genuine Impact get the list of available instruments?

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Thanks for flagging this. At the moment there’s a bug for collections - when the 2nd ‘page’ of 10 results are loaded, the filters are forgotten. Which is why you’ll see duplicates like that.

It’s on our radar to fix but in the meantime, if you recreate the search from scratch, you can avoid this issue. Apologies for the hassle!

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I’ll get back to you about this on Monday.

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There’s a couple of things I need clarify here so to save us going off-topic, could you please drop us a message via the in-app chat?

Sure, I’ve just messaged via the app. :+1:

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You might have seen an email from us about this already but Portfolios are now available for everyone :tada:

We’ve given all current users free access to the Premium features so that you can try this out, new users will have a 14 day free trial.

Really appreciate the feedback from everyone here, you’ve helped us put the finishing touches on the feature :pray: This is just the first version though, we’ll be adding lots more functionality to Portfolios over the coming months.

If you don’t have the app already and you want to this feature out, you can download it from the App Store | Play Store.

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Hi Alex.

Have current
users been given a 14 day trial just like for new users, or has the feature just been given to all current users? Thanks.

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Hi, if you had the app before 9am this morning then you have free access to the Premium features until 15th December.

If you created your account after 9am then you’ll have a 14 day free trial, which includes access to Portfolios.

I hope that makes sense?